SOLD! Full Kitchen Food Truck SF: 1998 Chevy Workhorse 16ft NOW $40K! (San Francisco)

By   February 9, 2015

SOLD! Check out trucks that are still available.

For Sale – Full Kitchen Food Truck SF / Bay Area. $57,750 Now $40,000. Truck features 3 burner griddle, current health and fire permits for San Francisco, warming oven, new engine 2013, plenty of storage (both for cold and dry goods), generator.

full kitchen food truck sffull kitchen food truck sffull kitchen food truck sf

We are selling our 1998 Chevy 16 foot workhorse with full kitchen and newer engine (2013). This truck was having
weekly maintenance inspections by 4 Star Automotive up until 11/2014, currently being stored in secure location.

Comes with 3 burner griddle, full steam table and cold bar, plenty of storage shelves and cabinetry, hot holding oven,
refrigeration, and fire suppression system. Also equipped with ONAN generator, electric water tank and propane tank.
A full operating food truck!

If you have any questions or would like to view the truck please contact us via the form below.

Truck Details:
Chevrolet 1998
Registered until 10/31/15
Purchased 9/26/11
Kitchen built 9/26/11
Length: 16ft
Health/Fire Permits
SF Fire Permit 1/16/15
San Francisco 2014

Truck Equipment: 
2 service windows with shelving and under counter access from inside truck
1 Interior kitchen window (on driver’s side)
4 Burner flat grill & hood
1 Hand sink
3 fridge counter top with cold bar
Hot holding oven
Steam table
Small fryer in rear of truck (never used)
Generator ­ ONAN
Propane 30 gal
Water tank/heater

Truck Upgrades:
12/13: New Engine
4/14: Rear tires replaced
10/14: Brakes/Wiper motor replaced
10/14: Front tires replaced
*Transmission replacement may be required


Financing is available through Roadstoves. If you are interested in financing for this truck send a separate email with your details to after negotiating sale with seller via the form below.


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