Coffee Espresso Smoothie Panini Truck

By   November 27, 2017

Why is there never good coffee at a wedding? This question began our quest for a coffeehouse on wheels. The answer is POWER. We have designed and built a food truck like no other.

Flo the Coffee Truck has juice! The interior is wired professionally as you would for a brick and mortar business. Flo features a 60 amp breaker panel, 2 dedicated 220 amp circuits and 6 dedicated 110 amp circuits. Mounted throughout the kitchen space are 8 GFI outlets set into fully washable FRP paneled walls. A 3 prong twist-lock standard 220 range outlet is wired into the rear of the vehicle to accept generator power. We currently run a custom 12Kw Briggs and Stratton residential standby generator, which we tow behind on a landscape trailer (generator sold seperately, please inquire if interested).

Interior dimensions of the kitchen are approximately 13′ long, 8′ wide and 9′ high. Custom stainless steel counters run front to back on the left side, and front to serving window on the right. A specialty welding company incorporated a 4-bay sink into the front end of the left side counter. A divider is placed between the first bay and the remaining three to comply with the highest standard of handwashing and warewashing. The sinks are connected to an electric hot water heater that sends pressurized hot water to two faucets: Max temp 175 degrees. Sinks drain to a 10 gallon greywater tank mounted on the underside of the truck. Fresh water is drawn from 5 gallon springwater bottles under the counter.

The left side counter was designed without legs underneath; instead we used angle brackets and connected the counter at the front and rear of the truck body. This allows for maximum storage space below. Counter height is 32″ all around. The right side counter has one supporting leg and a generous dry storage cabinet at the front end.

Serving window is a split frame top slider with screens and finished pine trim all around. A great feature of our serving window is the cut-out in the floor for the server. This allows for the server to sit while conducting transactions, and allows for the window height to be appropriate for both walk-up and drive through traffic.

The truck itself was purchased from a commercial van dealer in Central PA. It was maintained on a schedule as part of a fleet of vehicles. In addition, this truck was used as a maintenance vehicle for a school system, and as such saw extremely light use before being sold to us. This is not a beat-up former bread or potato chip delivery van… quite the opposite.

Additional details re: the interior:

* Full AC isolation. All wiring is in sealed PVC conduit. The breaker panel is rubber backed and secured with nylon bolts. This is important in an aluminum body.

* Water resistant LED 12v DC lighting in the back. This can be switched from a DC power supply off the AC or run off the truck itself.

* The walls are fully insulated with RV spray foam insulation, so no squeaks.

* The interior was designed to later accommodate space for a solar installation. Although not priced out, it would be easy to install.

Flo the Coffee Truck is the mobile side of The Gorham Grind coffeehouse, est. 2004. Our business has transitioned from retail to wholesale, and therefore we are not getting the use of this amazing asset that we once did: In coffee sales alone we easily averaged $150 in gross sales per hour in any crowd over 300 people. With the smart, marine-like interior and generous availability of clean power, this truck can crank out coffee, smoothies, grilled sandwiches and the like in fine style.

Thanks for looking today!