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Here are Some Tips on Listing Your Food Truck For Sale


Pictures are the main selling feature for your truck listing. Make them the best quality you have and include a variety of both interior and exterior images. When it comes to photos on a sales page, more is more. Some of the things buyers like to see but you may not have thought of, include:  an odometer reading, a photo of the generator if you have one, tire tread, close up of storage areas and inside refrigerators and freezers, all four sides of the exterior of the truck.


Don’t hold back when you’re talking about your truck. Start with a bulleted list of all the equipment on board and any upgrades you have made. If you’ve replaced the tires recently or serviced the truck, make note. No one knows the truck as well as you so offer suggestions, if you have them, for how the truck may be easily transformed for a new business.


Every county is different when it comes to food truck permitting requirements. Detailed measurements will let any buyers know if your truck will work for their new business and it will save you both some time.  Interior measurements are helpful for anyone wanting to add or replace equipment.


Be fair when you price your truck. You probably paid a great deal when you first bought your food truck but, like any vehicle, they quickly depreciate in value. Even if you’ve kept your food truck in pristine condition, do a quick search for new food trucks for sale with similar equipment.  If your food truck is priced close to a similar new truck it’s very likely priced incorrectly. Likewise, don’t let your food truck sale get stale by neglecting to adjust the price when you’re not getting much interest.


Use an email address that you check often and be prompt with your responses. The majority of buyers are going to be contacting several trucks while they search and you’ll appear more professional if you don’t allow responses to accumulate.