Gourmet BBQ Food Trailer, Phoenix AZ, $50k

By   January 15, 2015

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BBQ Food Trailer Features:
* Custom built 24 foot trailer with 20 feet of working space, with 12 foot indoors and an 8 foot outdoor BBQ porch
* Indoor workspace has built in roof mounted AC/Heating unit
* BBQ Porch contains Pit BBQ and Portable Generator
* Indoor equipment includes:
* Custom built self contained stainless steel 4 compartment sink with build in heater, pump, 30 gal fresh water and 30 gal waste water
* Dual compartment refrigerator with stainless steel working table top surface
* Wire shelving throughout near ceiling for storage
* 3 built in stainless steel working tables
* Stainless steel electrical warming unit and 3 stand alone warming trays
* Off site equipment included with sale:
* 6 rack industrial smoker capable of smoking over 150 lbs of BBQ at a time
* 2 storage refrigerators
List Price, $50,000. Located in Phoenix, AZ.
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