Custom Food Trailer For Sale! $55k, Florida

By   February 24, 2016

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Custom Food Trailer For Sale! Located in Florida

$55,000 for 30-foot custom kitchen trailer and 10-foot barbecue deck
$80,000 with Dodge Ram 3500 Quad-Cab

This commercial kitchen trailer meets all code requirements and standards for licensing and permitting in Northeast Florida and Northern Virginia. It’s a completely self-contained kitchen, so there’s no need to work from a commissary or other commercial kitchen. We like having a kitchen trailer, as opposed to a self-driving van-style food truck, because if our vehicle needs repairs, we can carry on with events by borrowing or renting another pick-up truck. Our Dodge Ram 3500 Quad-Cab is available for sale, too, if you need a hauling vehicle.

This complete commercial kitchen includes all of the following equipment:

6-shelf rotisserie smoker
4-foot flat grill
4-foot sandwich board
Dual-door reach-in refrigerator
4-well steam table
4-foot prep table and food storage shelving
3-compartment sink
Hand washing sink
Two hot water tanks
6-foot hood system with Ansul fire-suppression system (supports fryer, too)
Three fire extinguishers
Air conditioner
Honda 6500 (quiet but powerful) generator
Two propane tanks