Food Trailer For Sale: $60,000. Located in Los Angeles, CA.

By   February 11, 2014
Food Trailer for Sale

Food Trailer For Sale

Food Trailer for sale interior

Food Trailer Interior

Food Trailer for sale

Food Trailer For Sale









Slightly Used Food Trailer For Sale: Located in Los Angeles California

16 ft trailer includes: Double grill, 2 range stove, 1 steamer, 4 door refrigerator, 3 sink station, small hand washing sink station, 2 storage compartments, 1 deep fryer, 3 cutting boards, 1 drink cooler compartment, hood system, electric outlets, & commercial generator, stainless steel interior is well kept, regular maintenance performed.

More reliable than a food truck which often have engine trouble due to the weight of the kitchen on the back of the truck. Plently of equipment so you can prepare a variety of foods, not just tacos / mexican. Can be used for burgers, specialty sandwiches, and other grilled/fried foods. Contact truck owner to discuss what can be done for your conversion.

Trailer is in very good condition and ready with permits for the new truck owner. Underneath the wrap the trailer is in pristine condition.


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