By   January 30, 2020

Offered up for sale is a quite legendary Food Truck, operated by Kovi Asian Street Food Kitchen, situated in Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington DC area. This truck is a solid veteran of the food truck wars in our nation’s capital, having served dozens and dozens of events around the region. The truck has been a crowd favorite time and again, with its strong, blocky profile and its accommodating service area. She is equipped with a [removed] diesel powerhouse engine, with that engine being rebuilt at the 200k odometer mark. Currently, this workhorse has less than 30, 000 miles on it, and she has years of solid service left in her. She also boasts top-grade equipment, including: a 6′ wide propane-powered gas grill; a 2 pan heated holding table, for keeping hot foods stable and ready to serve; a 3′ covered refrigerated cold holding service table, suitable for holding condiments and side topping selections; a standing beverage cooler; a working sink, capable of connecting to a potable water source; an overhead grill hood that has been immaculately maintained; extensive interior lighting capable of illuminating even the darkest of venues; an extra-wide service window with a folding shelf for outside service (which is especially helpful when your customer line is 3 to 4 times as long as the next best competitor…just sayin’… this truck brings ’em in!); hatched compartments on either side of the exterior of the truck, equipped to hold either generators or propane gas tanks/hook-ups; and interior storage [removed]

Hands-down, this beast of a truck will give your operation impeccable service, and her profile, her stance, and a clever wrap job designed by you, will ensure that you will probably have to turn away people away because you ran out of food to serve (trust me, this has happened to us almost every time we show up for an event…). This truck has years of service in her, and the only reason we are letting her go is we need something much bigger to handle our demand. And as much as we love her, we think it is best that she brings the same luck and pluck to a new set of food purveyors.

If you have any questions, or want to schedule a tour of Our Beast, the Kovi Truck, please call Wes Guptill (Operations and Events Coordinator for Kovi) at [removed] Texts work, too, as do emails to [removed]